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Color Change Wraps

Are you tired of the color of your vehicle? Bring your vehicle to life with a color change wrap! The possibilities are endless! With a color change wrap, you can choose from hundreds of colors along with material finishes including matte, satin, gloss, metallic, brushed, carbon fiber and chrome.

Matte, satin and gloss color change vehicle wraps provide all the sparkling color of a quality paint job without the time and permanent impact. A color change wrap is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application and design of the wrap allows you to change the vehicle’s appearance in a very short period of time which in turn allows you to remove the wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition.

Paint VS. Color Change Wraps

Choosing to paint your vehicle or selecting a color change wrap can be a big decision.
Here are a few factors when deciding between the two choices:

Value: Once your vehicle is painted, the value of your vehicle will decrease and depreciate over time. A color change wrap can be easily removed. The color change wrap protects the original paint from UV rays, scratches, paint chips, weather-related damage, and contamination.

Cost: Painting a vehicle is more expensive than a custom color change wrap. It will chip or fade over the years. A color change vehicle wrap is more affordable and will protect your vehicle from chips and rust.

Time: Painting a vehicle can be a long process. With a color change wrap, it’s a quicker process and can be completed in less time.

Color Selection and Finish: There are endless possibilities when you choose a color change vehicle wrap. With a wide array of colors combined with the variety of finishes like matte, satin, gloss, metallic, brushed, carbon fiber and chrome your vehicle will be a custom.